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Pitch Perfect 3 Review

Here’s my Pitch Perfect 3 review, which is now showing in local theaters nationwide and distributed by United International Pictures and Columbia Pictures Philippines.

I’m surprised we even have a third Pitch Perfect movie when I could have sworn they tied up loose ends from the last movie.

The tl;dr of this is that the Bellas get back together and go off to do a USO show and hopefully get to front act for DJ Khaled. Each of them go on different arcs with Fat Amy finding out that her dad Fergus (Jon Litgow) is somewhere in the area trying to reconnect with her. Problem is, he’s also a crook. That’s where all the hijinks starts snowballing

Anna Kendrick once again sings and acts in this movie that doesn’t really know what it wants to do, or even give the characters more growth. She’s still what’s great about the franchise but her appeal is slowly waning for me. Other cast members also take a moment to shine here including Hailee Steinfeld who ends up looking like she just did a cameo for the movie.

Rebel Wilson is also back as Fat Amy and she’s still being her even after all that time has passed.There’s not even a single tinge from the past two movies that made it over to this one. Even the one thing that truly made her great, that awful flirting she had with her boyfriend disappeared. On the plus side though, we actually get a backstory for her. Great acting for Rebel Wilson, bad writing for the character. She can only do so much.

Honestly, I didn’t want a third Pitch Perfect movie. But its here and there’s nothing I can do. It would have been great if they did something fresh but they decided to play it safe. I really want to see a better Pitch Perfect. Sadly, this entry is not it.

The songs were OK and there were a few nice moments here and there.

Verdict – 2/5

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