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Claire Redfield versus Birkin in Resident Evil 2 Remake Footage from Gamescom 2018

Capcom unleashes more terror as fans anxiously wait the release of Resident Evil 2 in Gamescom 2018, this time with the other star of the game, Claire Redfield.

Watch the trailer for Resident Evil 2 featuring Claire against the mutated William Birkin below.

As you can see for the first segment of the game, the transition between different weapons has remained in the remake. Switch from one weapon to another and you have to call up the HUD and choose the weapon. This is critical when battling stronger weapons like Sherry Birkin’s mutated dad.

We also see the actual improvement in boss battles, something that I was worried when they first announced the remake for the hit survival-horror game for the Playstation 2. We didn’t see that back when they released the first video featuring Leon S. Kennedy but now we do with the Claire Redfield version.

I know there’s more in store for us for Resident Evil 2 and with the release date still some time away, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a new something for TGS 2018

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