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The Death of Cable – Extermination # 1

Looks like the time-traveling mutant has officially bitten the bullet as Extermination # 1 rolls up to close off the story of the time-displaced Original Five X-Men. Here’s the Death of Cable as seen in Extermination # 1 by Ed Brisson and Pepe Laraz.

The Death of Cable begins with the assault on Iceman who was responding to the call back at the Xavier Mansion. Iceman is almost taken down and trapped in a store by his unknown assailant.

He gets some unexpected help from Cable aka Nathan Summers, who apparently had been tracking Iceman as well.

Cable and Iceman try to take out the mystery attacker but Iceman gets stunned, leaving Cable alone.

At this point in the story, Cable is unaware of who he is dealing with, other than the fact that the person has the same MO, i.e. carrying BFGs and an expert marksman/ hunter. Also this attacker seems to know more about the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, including the reason why the Original Five X-Men are still operating in the present, when they should have returned to their timeline ages ago.

We also get a bit of POV as to why Cable let these X-Men go and create new lives in this timeline rather than go back.

Unfortunately for him, his enemy knows a thing or two about blindsiding and draws a gun on the X-Force founder and mutant.

And while we know that this is Cable and he’s already died several times in the past, which includes “Second Coming”, this is still a shock. Even the combined members of X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue are shocked with what happen when they arrive at the crime scene.

The older Jean Grey, the younger Jean and Rachel Summers all mourn for the death of their son/brother.

So there you go, the Death of Cable. I’m shocked but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him make an appearance some time after Extermination and well even beyond Uncanny X-Men.

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