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Extermination # 1 Kills Another Classic X-Man

This week’s Extermination issue 1 gets the ball rolling in terms of character deaths and mysteries. Take the case of the bodycount for this issue alone.

Before we go to the actual mystery and the actual death, we have to look at the other dead mutants who made an appearance in this book. For starters we have the X-Men from 20 years in the future who looks to have been freshly murdered by an unknown force.

The hooded figure remarks that he’s too late and that an old man is responsible for all the deaths he saw that day in that burned down Xavier School in the future.

Another X-Man died while off duty in the form of Bloodstorm of the X-Men Blue team.

Her death however was caused by the mutant hunting Ahab whose primary target was actually Cyclops.

Lastly, and the most shocking death here happens to be that of Nathan Summers aka Cable.

We’re still in issue one so we don’t know how this is going to play out and how this “mystery” character will change the course of the X-Men’s lives and will he be able to help the Original Five X-Men as they are being hunted down by Ahab?

This is really good.

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