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This School in Bicol Just Burned its Students’ Bags for Non-Compliance

Trending right now are these photos of burned school bags and items that were burned by a certain school in Bicol.

This abhorrent behavior was done by Bicol Central Academy and its owner who ordered the burning of the school bags.

MB quotes the original post:

Bags of students who failed to comply (with) the no-bag policy set for the school’s event today have been confiscated and burned in the school quadrangle.

Earl Vincent Cañaveral, the original poster for the story adds:

The said bag contains school stuff, clothing, cell phones, and laptops

Cañaveral added that the school celebrated its Tatsumaki day in which senior high school students were required to wear formal attire since they will temporarily replace their teachers who were going to attend a Department of Education seminar.

In an interview with MB:

Part of it was that they need to wear formal attires so that they will look like professionals. Since they are wearing such, they were told not to bring any big bags or backpacks since it will not look good with their attires.


The school’s owner reportedly got triggered after seeing students carrying bags. Plus he also went berserk after finding out that the classrooms were dirty and disorganized. Another reason was that he saw students wearing rubber shoes versus what the event was supposed to be.



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