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SDCC 2018 – Uncanny X-Men Returns in November

Marvel has officially revealed the next flagship X-Men book at SDCC 2018 and its none other than Uncanny X-Men.


There’s no creative team yet for this title but we know that Marvel is shooting for a November release. Uncanny X-Men follows an anthology book of stories called X-Men Black which will feature villains like Magneto and Emma Frost.

There have been a total of four Uncanny X-Men volumes. The first ran from 1963 to 2011 and had seen most of the ups and downs of the mutant teams.


The second volume also features the “Extinction Team” and is set after the events of Schism where Wolverine and Cyclops splits up the X-Men with one team going over to New York to rebuild the School.


The third volume is Cyclops taking a hardline stance on mutant freedom and rights and the debut of his last costume, the one I fondly call the “Racer X” costume.


Uncanny X-Men volume 4 featured Magneto and his team of X-Men including Psylocke, Sabretooth, M and Archangel as they try to save mutants that were left behind during the mutant exodus to Limbo.


One thing I’d like to know is if they would use the Legacy Numbering system for this book which easily could make it to issue 800 or 700 at the very least. Still, this is a great time to be a fan of the X-Men.

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