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SDCC 2018 – Dark Horse Direct 1/12th Scale Hellboy Action Figure

We got our first look at the Dark Horse Direct 1/12th Scale Hellboy Action Figure from Dark Horse and 1000toys who worked with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola during the production of this figure.

This figure stands 7.5” tall, Accessories Included: Beast of the Apocalypse Head, Closed Fist Hands, Open Hands for Gun and Swords Holding, Gun, & Excalibur Sword, Separate gun can placed in holster or held in hand, Separate Excalibur Sword to fight back the forces of evil.

Expected to Ship: April – June 2019

Product Packaging Size: 9.84” H (250mm) x 7.87” W (200mm) x 3.54” L (90mm)

Product + Packaging Dimensional Weight: 2 lbs.

Certificate of Authenticity

Here’s the gallery from Comicbook.com

Meanwhile here are photos from Toyark from the displays in SDCC 2018

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