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PWR LIVE: Way of the Champion

PWR returns to the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati for another afternoon of world class pro wrestling on July 22nd. Here are all the matches you can look forward to! Here are the matches for PWR Live: Way of the Champion!

PWR CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Ralph Imabayashi (c) vs. Koto Hiro

Ralph Imabayashi, without a doubt, is PWR’s most dominant force today. He calls himself the Best Pure Wrestler in PWR. And every time Imabayashi steps into the PWR ring, the Filipino-Japanese wrestler proves to the entire world that he is worthy to hold Philippine wrestling’s grandest prize and the title Kampeon ng Pilipinas.

The PWR Championship is known to attract foreign talents’ challenges. In fact, the title Kampeon ng Pilipinas was at one point in time held by Filipino-Canadian wrestler Billy Suede. Now, the eyes of the world look to the Philippines once again as the mysterious Koto Hiro from Shizuoka, Japan challenges Ralph Imabayashi for his PWR Championship!

Courage. Honor. Respect. The way of the champion will be put to the test as these two warriors of Japanese origins clash in an epic main event at PWR LIVE: Way of the Champion.

PHX CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Ken Warren (c) vs. Rederick Mahaba

The PHX Championship was first introduced to PWR in 2015 as a championship that showcased the different wrestling styles that make up PWR. But through the years, the PHX Championship has evolved into something even bigger than that — it is now regarded nationally as a crown of Philippine excellence worn by the champions that hold it. Ken Warren was crowned the inaugural PHX Champion after outlasting several others in the first ever PHX Championship Tournament. After a handful of title changes and almost 3 years later, Ken Warren finds himself a two-time PHX Champion.

Warren’s first and successful title defense during his 2nd PHX Championship reign was against Mike Madrigal in a brutal and gruelling Three Stages of Death Match last month at PWR LIVE: Respeto. And not moments after escaping death by a hair, Ken Warren is faced with his biggest challenge yet in the dominant and dangerous Rederick Mahaba who is hungry for a title of his own.

Once again, Philippine excellence will be showcased at PWR LIVE: Way of the Champion as Ken Warren defends his PHX Championship against Rederick Mahaba.


The Tournament for the PWR Championship #1 Contendership continues at PWR LIVE: Way of the Champion. At the semi-final, we have two big matches you should not miss.

“The Senyorito” Jake De Leon vs. Chris Panzer

Both men are former PWR Champions, have represented the Philippines in international wrestling promotions, and are equally hungry to make it back to the top of the PWR Championship circuit… but only one can inch his way closer to becoming Kampeon ng Pilipinas. It’s Mr. Philippine Wrestling vs. The Motor City Angel.

Main Maxx vs. The Apocalypse

It’s the first time that these two men will be competing for a contendership for the PWR Championship. Main Maxx was the longest-reigning PHX Champion, while The Apocalypse was the inaugural All Out War Champion. Two decorated champions that can’t seem to get their hands off each other will go head to head to earn a spot closer to becoming Kampeon ng Pilipinas.

The two competitors to emerge victorious will head straight to the FINAL ROUND to determine the #1 Contender for the PWR Championship on the same afternoon at PWR LIVE: Way of the Champion.


Three of PWR’s most exciting wrestlers will go head-to-head-to-head in a brutal 3-way match to determine the #1 Contender for the All Out War Championship currently being held by Alexander Belmonte III.

Dax Xaviera and SANDATA, two friends turned bitter enemies. QUATRO, the man with nothing to lose and everything to gain. These three men will clash at PWR LIVE: Way of the Champion in a match you should not miss!

PLUS witness the first ever LIVE Carleaux Sheaux hosted by Evan Carleaux and Trian Dela Torre (feat. henchmen Kapitan Tutan, GrabCamus, and Jhemmerlhynn) with special guests PWR Tag Team Champions John Sebastian and Crystal!

Get your advance and discounted tickets to PWR LIVE: Way of the Champion now! To order, send us a Facebook message, e-mail us at pwr.tickets@gmail.com, or get them hassle-free online at ticket2me.net.

Early bird Tickets (until July 21st) – P350 each
Barkada Bundle (until July 21st) – P999 for 3 tickets
Regular Tickets (July 22nd, at the venue) – P400 each

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