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Transformers Cyberverse Character Designs Look Promising

Here’s a look at the character designs for Transformers Cyberverse which is a new animated series featuring all of our favorite G1 characters and more!

We start this run down with Optimus Prime who looks the same and still has a different feel to him.

Bumblebee looks also great in Transformers Cyberverse.

Grimlock returns to his classic look after sometime being green.

Other G1 gan favorites have also been added to this new animated series like Prowl:




Hot Rod

The Decepticons also get a visual upgrade. We start things off with Megatron…

Starcream is also here and he looks great.



All the cool aerial Decepticons are also coming out to play led by Starscream and his gang featuring Thundercracker

Acid Storm

Shadow Striker

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