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Magneto Returns to his Classic Costume as a Member of X-Men Black

Some clues have been revealed for the next era of X-Men stories after Marvel pulled the plug on both X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold and it starts with Magneto and a new team called X-Men Black.

It’s been teased and rumored that Magneto will get his own series back after some time away from solo books, because he was secretly added to X-Men Blue as the team’s “benefactor” and the founder together with O5 Jean Grey. But now that the book is ending, it gives the Master of Magnetism some time to go on his own and do his own thing.

Still, Magneto was a good fit for X-Men Blue and his dynamic and two-facedness surely helped move the general story along.

No word yet on who will be joining Magneto in X-Men Black; we all have to wait for the announcement from Marvel which will happen via the X-Book panel at this weekend’s SDCC 2018. For now, let’s just enjoy this new art done by J. Scott Campbell.

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