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A Classic Legion of Superheroes Character Returns in No Justice # 2

The ending of No Justice # 2 reveals a classic member of the 31st Century DC Comics superteam known as the Legion of Superheroes! Spoilers from No Justice # 2 mind you.

In this issue, the various teams of the combined might of the Justice League, the Suicide Squad, the Teen Titans and the Justice League of America all go to different spots in Colu, Brainiac’s home planet, to reactivate the Trees of Mystery, Entropy, Wonder and Wisdom; activating them will help stop the planet’s destruction by the hands of the “Omega Titans”.

The first to make it to their target tree is Team Entropy featuring the team of Batman, Deathstroke, Lex Luthor, Beast Boy and Lobo. Lobo and Beast Boy did a bit of bonding which was a really cool character moment.

The Entropy’s manage to not just free the inmates in the prison facility they stormed but at the end of No Justice # 2, we get to meet the most dangerous Coluan…

What the hell is Vril Dox doing in the past? And how did he end up a prisoner in Colu? Will we finally see the Legion of Superheroes?

So many questions and we badly need answers. Hopefully, they give us more information for Brainiac 2 aka Vril Dox next week.

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