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Beast Boy and Lobo Makes the Perfect Teammates – No Justice # 2

Spoilers from No Justice # 2 by Scott Syder, Joshua Williamson and James Tynion IV with art by Francis Manapul and Marcus To.

So there’s a good amount of things that happens in the book that moves the narrative forward. But I want to focus more on an interesting dynamic shown by Batman’s Team Entropy which features Lobo, Deathstroke, Lex Luthor, Lobo and Beast Boy.

So after hitting the ground in Brainiac’s homeplanet of Colu, we get to see how the heroes are confused with everything that is happening and all the things they see. They are however driven by the nodes in their new costumes to look for the other trees that will dissuade the Omega Titans from eating Colu and subsequently moving over to Earth to do the same thing.

Team Entropy finds out that they need to spring the inmates in the prison facility where the tree of Entropy is growing.

The team manages to free the inmates detained in the facility but the drones get tougher as they venture deeper to free the most dangerous inmate. It’s there that Deathstroke continues to hurl insults at Beast Boy’s way. Lobo butts in and gives Gar a much needed advice while dealing with their attackers…

The Teen Titans member breaks lose with his power and manages to win the day. What happens in the next page is something that’s worth another post.

Again, this moment where Lobo acts as supportive big bro to Beast Boy is something that was definitely a surprise. While its not off-character for Lobo to be a really good guy, its just so surprising to see him do this in such a weird condition.

Still, I hope we get to explore this dynamic in the future whether in the new volume of Teen Titans and wherever Lobo ends up in after Justice League: No Justice.

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