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Rumor: Vanisher in Deadpool 2 with Hollywood A-Lister Playing It

Deadpool 2 is coming out next week and let’s look at some interesting rumor that doesn’t involve Juggernaut. According to rumors, a certain X-Force member will cameo in the Ryan Reynolds film and gets a cameo too.

MCU Cosmic reports that the invisible Man in the parachute scene in the trailer is actually old X-Men villain Vanisher, who later became a member of Wolverine’s deadly X-Force crew.

Rumor has it he will be appearing invisible throughout the movie and will have one time where he appears and then its revealed that it’s actually Brad Pitt.

Apparently, he’s the guy in the Hugh Jackman mask from those social media posts weeks ago.

Holy shit. I hope this rumor proves true. It definitely would excite fans and open a good opportunity to expand the Foxverse.

Deadpool 2 opens May 15 from 20th Century Fox Philippines.

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