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X-Men: Blue # 8 Spoilers – Two X-Women Resurface

Fans of Peter David’s last run on X-Factor (myself included) should be happy with the re-emergence of two X-Women from that last volume. Find out who they are in this X-Men: Blue # 8 spoilers post.

Again, its pretty obvious from the title that this will have spoilers but if that doesn’t get through, here’s our X-Men: Blue # 8 spoilers post. The issue itself was written by Cullen Bunn with art by Cory Smith.

So last issue, the X-Men were attacked with Jean and Jimmy Hudson getting buried in a ton of rubble while Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Angel get kidnapped and transported to the mutant nation of New Xian (which ties in neatly to Marvel’s ongoing Secret Empire).

This issue we get to see Hudson and Jean surviving…

We get to see Emma Frost torturing young Cyclops, Beast thinking of numerous magical spells to get even with their captors and Magneto swearing he won’t be involving himself in this problem the X-Men are facing. He does reveal that he sent someone to help them out.

When Jimmy and Jean get to their ride and follow wherever Havok and the rest of team had brought the young X-Men, they meet resistance from fellow mutants and that’s when we get this reveal.

Danger’s appearance keeps everybody in New Xian occupied enough for our two heroes to sneak in and proceed with their rescue mission. Before they even get far though, they are intercepted by the still-sketchy Alex Summers aka Havok.

But before any action happens, Polaris makes her appearance.

Polaris returns in X-Men Blue # 8

Here’s the thing though, a few pages before Polaris’ “return”, back when Danger revealed herself to Jimmy and Jean, there were classic X-Men holograms that distracted the mutant defenders of New Xian. So we could factor in that Polaris is nothing more than a hard light construct created by Danger.

We’re definitely sure about Danger though because she’s interacting continually with the young X-Men. She even threatened to eject the two if they consider here a PDA or a personal assistant.

What do you think of these two X-ladies return? More importantly, is Polaris the real thing or just a hologram?

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