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No Justice # 1 Spoilers and More

*Spoilers for No Justice # 1 by Scott Snyder and Francis Manapul*

Spinning out of the events of Dark Nights Metal, we have No Justice which features a massive teamup of various DC Superteams, of course led by the Justice League no less.

In No Justice # 1 we see Earth being invaded by Brainiac…

Various Superteams responding and getting their asses kicked.

The Justice League getting in a pinch before being saved by Superman in Metropolis.

But all that was for nothing because Brainiac manages to knock the League out. There’s a bit of commotion in Brainiac’s ship as they speed away into cosmos.

Brainiac introduces the new threat that had emerged after the Source Wall was broken after the events of Dark Nights called the Omega Titans.

We also meet the various villains that Brainiac kidnapped along the way.

Back in Earth, Amanda Waller has deployed Task Force XI…

Apparently their just a collection of psychic heroes and villains including Maxwell Lord who was the central villain in Justice League vs Suicide Squad.

Back in space, Martian Manhunter gets to talk with Lex Luthor…

… We once again get some hints of “lost time” for Jonn. Or that some pre New 52 stuff has been retconned into the New 52 history for the Justice League.

In Colu, the heroes and villains arrive in time to see the Omega Titan of Wisdom getting ready to destroy the planet.

Brainiac also reveals that he activated the seed on Earth to attract the four Omega Titans to Earth after their business in Colu. Pretty much an insurance policy that they need to succeed in Colu or else Earth is next.

The villain was in the middle of discussing what each team needs to accomplish when Waller’s Task Force XI hacks Brainiac’s brain.

The issue ends with with Brainiac essentially dying with his head bursting from all that hacking. Also, the heroes and villains are left to fend for themselves with no idea what to do or how to stop the Omega Titan of Wisdom.

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