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The Start of Flash War Begins with Wally West and It’s (Flash # 45)

Flash War is set to start which pits Barry Allen, the silver age Flash and Wally West, the former Kid Flash and one-time replacement Flash post-Crisis. And the flames are lit in Flash # 45.

This is also a rethread of Wally West’s activities back when he returned to the DC Universe in DC Rebirth # 1.

So in this issue, Wally visits Central City after the event called “The Storm”.

Barry deals with some lose ends from last story arc as well as Kid Flash having a talk with Robin over the Reformation of the Teen Titans.

Later in the issue, Barry Allen has a heart to heart talk with Iris West which ends with a kiss.

Along with the reigniting of their relationship, Barry also brings in Wally West so they could finally catch up.

Wally turns to leave but Iris catches up to him.

The meeting also unlocks a surprise jolt of memory from the Pre-New 52 era.

That blue spark in Wally’s eyes are also an indicator that something’s amiss and these will be the opening shots for Flash War.

The next issue continues the path to Flash War and we’re even seeing Wally West remembering things like Bart Allen aka Impulse aka Kid Flash.

Flash War is coming June 2018 from DC Comics.


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