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Let’s Simplify the Avengers Infinity War Ending (SPOILERS)

Its time to discuss the Avengers Infinity War ending and try to make it concise and simple for the moviegoers who have never touched the source materials or are having a hard time understanding what the hell just happened in the new film from Marvel Studios directed by Anthony and Joe Russo aka the Russo Brothers.

And in case you don’t want to be spoiled, here’s a  Sanctuary II level of SPOILER ALERT



Still there?


Alright, time to dive right in…


So the main point of the movie was to show how Thanos effectively gains all the Infinity Stones that has been the certain of so many conflicts  in the 10 years that the Marvel Cinematic Universe had been operating. He manages to collect the six stones (including the Time Stone from Doctor Strange and the Mind Stone from Vision) and in one final moment of clarity, makes a fist and does something bad.

With a snap of a finger, Thanos wipes out half the population of the entire universe. Slowly, the Avengers and their allies find themselves disappearing.

The Avengers Infinity War Ending then shows people dying (heroes included) then Thanos creates a portal, looks at a bewildered Thor Odinson, escapes to the Banawe Rice Terraces and smiles as he looks at the new dawn.

Was this Avengers Infinity War Ending in the Comics?

To a certain extent yes, there was a scene reminiscent of the one we saw in the film where Thanos extinguishes half of the life in the universe with Mephisto looking on as his “wingman”.


The only difference between comics “snap” and MCU “snap” is it’s placement. The comics version happened early in Infinity Gauntlet while the MCU version happened during the Avengers Infinity War ending, a few minutes from the final moments of the Russo Brothers movie with Thanos making good on his promise of looking at the sunrise after he’s achieved his goal.

Implications of the Avengers Infinity War Ending

Aside from the fact that most of the heroes who banded together to stop Thanos disappeared and turned into piles of ashes, this also drops any chance of facing Thanos head-on. This would prompt the heroes rethink of their next move against the mad Titan.

So did you like the Avengers Infinity War ending or would you have had it another way? Also, how’s audience reaction when the house lights came on after that one end-credit scene?

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