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Miles Morales Becomes the New Spider-Carnage in Absolute Carnage # 2

Miles Morales Becomes the New Spider-Carnage in Absolute Carnage # 2 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman!

absolute carnage # 2


For this issue, we go through the entire story of Venom looking for previous Venom hosts to get the codex away from them before Carnage gets to it. The reason behind is when Carnage completes the codex, he gets to wake up the big bad god of the symbiotes known as Knull.

Spider-Man and Venom failed already with Norman Osborn formerly Green Goblin and recently Red Goblin, so they change their strategy and look for other Venom hosts; just so happens that Eddie Brock had to go for Mac Gargan aka Scorpion. Fortunately for Brock, Gargan is already getting help from Miles Morales…

absolute carnage 2 14

absolute carnage 2 15

Miles also puts up a good fight in order to save Mac Gargan, just like a hero.

And while Miles Morales was taking care of the symbiote soldiers, Gargan aka Scorpion leaves this Spider-Man behind to save his own life. Good thing Venom gets there in time and he puts the villain back in the fight.

Carnage manages to stab Gargan and turn him into one of his soldiers while at the same time getting the codex from him but Miles goes all out.

Venom and Gargan might have escaped but Carnage managed to get Miles and transform him into a new Spider-Carnage.

The last iteration of this character (and the most popular one too) was back with Ben Reilly.

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