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Donny Cates and Ariel Olivetti Delivers the DEATH OF THE INHUMANS This July

Marvel has released it’s first teaser for their cryptic project called DEATH OF THE INHUMANS with Donny Cates as writer and Ariel Olivetti as artist.

There’s really nothing aside from the Kaare Andrews art at the moment and even if the Death of the Inhumans project would be a one-shot or a miniseries is still up in the air. For now we just know that there’s  project called “Death of the Inhumans” and it’s got an ominous feel to it even depicting Black Bolt in just his skull.

It’s been hard couple of years for the Inhumans. Just like Roman Reigns over at the WWE, the company tried to push them and make them a star but fans just wouldn’t have any of it. The ragtag genetic misfits just can’t compete with the X-Men in terms of popularity.

Then Marvel made it much worse for two things. They did Death of X (officially killing Cyclops) followed by Inhumans vs X-Men which then turned Emma Frost into a villain once more.

Secondly, the Inhumans also fell from grace at the MCU. Once upon a time they were the last piece of the puzzle before Avengers Infinity War. But things changed, Agents of SHIELD made an appearance and then they were pulled out from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, they were given their own TV series which premiered on IMAX (even here in the Philippines) and then the series sucked major balls. Now it seems they won’t even have a second season anymore.

This one-shot could go the other way though and instead of actually seeing the inhumans die, we get to see a streamlined version. With the information we have right now, at least we know somebody’s happy with the turn of events.

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