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Captain America # 1 Review

Captain America # 1 review by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil Yu with Gerry Alanguilan. Now out in stores from Marvel Comics.

Marvel returns Captain America to a world that has been drastically changed by HYDRA Cap and HYDRA screwing it up badly. Thanks to writer Ta-Nehesi Coates and Leinil Yu we get to see just how much Captain America’s got it badly.

In case you’re scratching your head about the main push for this story, I may recommend you check the coverage for Marvel’s event book Secret Empire which saw the rise of power of Nazi Cap and Hydra and the death of several important members of the Avengers.

First some of the great stuff. It’s refreshing to see Leinil Yu do interior artworks again. It feels like a long time but its really not. His style suits Coates writing because its being presented to us like a picture book rather than a dynamic story. It has to be too, because we’re talking about delicate world politics and a whole lot more here. HYDRA is also just lurking around the corner so we need more interiors that can reflect the grit of this private war the evil organization is waging all across the world.

It’s also nice to see Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier working together with Captain America again in the story. Although I wouldn’t be surprised that this was partly done with the fans of STUCKY in mind.

Yu’s art also makes me want to demand a domino mask for the MCU version of Barnes played by Sebastian Stan.

Without spoiling, Captain America examines freedom and the price we have paid for it. Great writing from Coates right there. It wants us to examine where we are with the freedom we have and what we plan to do with it moving forward.

I liked Captain America # 1 for trying to give us classic Steve Rogers again. We kinda lost that Steve some time back but hopefully with Coates writing and Yu working (and hopefully completing the first story arc) we get to see a deconstructed AND reconstructed Captain America; a Steve Rogers that finally understands what’s happening and how much has changed since he “disappeared”.

VERDICT: 10/10

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