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Doctor Strange Revives Las Vegas [Doctor Strange: Damnation # 1]

Major spoilers for Doctor Strange: Damnation # 1 by Nick Spencer, Donny Cates and art by Rod Reis. In this issue, we look at Stephen Strange being a dick again with his powers.

In this issue, we find the former members of the Avengers heading a memorial for the destroyed Las Vegas which became Nazi-Cap’s primary target back when he was the head of the US during the events of Secret Empire.

Doctor Strange makes a grand appearance and begins conjuring a serious looking spell with the crowd and his Avengers teammates looking on.

Since he’s back as the official Sorcerer Supreme of this realm, he proudly showcases his amplified powers by reviving not just the entire Las Vegas but also all it’s dead denizens who perished during the HYDRA attack.

Of course, knowing this is the comics, it not only complicates things, Doctor Strange’s actions in Doctor Strange: Damnation # 1 also screws up the natural order forcing other heroes to take up Strange’s stupidity and hubris in order to be rid of the demonic presence and Mephisto’s control over the domain.

I’m definitely sticking for more of this crossover. Hopefully it also gives us great character moments for the main characters like Blade and even Iron Fist.

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