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Figure Complex Revoltech Psylocke May Have Changed the Game

Judging from the new Figure Complex Revoltech Psylocke which recently release a number of official photos, the game has changed in one particular way.

So far, details are scarce for the figure. What we know so far is that it stands at 6″ and will be up for preorder soon in Japan.

Figure Complex Revoltech Psylocke Gallery

Nice to know that you have a couple of head swaps available when you buy the figure. Also notice the number of alternate weapons including the psychic ninja’s trademark psi-sais and katana.

But more importantly, check out the face and alternate head…

That’s what I’m stressing, they actually made it look anime-ish.

If the finished product looks just like this, then Kotobukiya may need to consider their options.

Also this look they gave for Revoltech Psylocle is a tad late as Marvel is currently pulling all the stops to bring back Betsy Braddock’s European looks and body all the while getting rid of Revanche’s body in the process.



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