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Toyfair 2018 X-Men Funko Pops Featuring Domino, Cable, Negasonic and Ultimate Colossus

Coming from Toyfair 2018, we get a new batch of X-Men funko pops featuring a good combination from the comic books to upcoming movies.

X-Men Funko Pops Cable from Deadpool 2

The first thing we need to look at for this X-Men Funko Pops comes from the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie and it’s none other than Nathan Summers aka Cable.

X-Men Funko Pops Domino

They didn’t do the Zazzie Beetz version for this release, instead we get the comicbook version of Neena Thurman for this wave. Or maybe there’s another wave coming soon featuring the movie version of Domino.

X-Men Funko Pops Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Again, confusing. This really needs to be branded under the Deadpool banner. Also, you have to consider that this is the movie version of the character and not the comicbook version.

X-Men Funko Pop Colossus

Ultimate X-Men gets a bit of nod here with a new Pop figure featuring the Ultimate version of Colossus complete with a very familiar pose. Now we just have to wait for another member of Colossus’ team, probably Ultiamte Nightcrawler perhaps?

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