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Medicom announces MAFEX Eradicator and MAFEX Captain America – The First Avenger figures

Here’s a look at the upcoming MAFEX Eradicator and MAFEX Captain America: The First Avenger figure coming very soon.

MAFEX Eradicator

MAFEX continues to create the Reign of the Supermen storyline with the MAFEX Eradicator joining past Supermen characters that have become MAFEX figures namely Cyborg Superman aka Hank Henshaw, Black Suit Superman and Steel. I guess what’s only missing now is 90’s Superboy.


MAFEX Captain America: The First Avenger

The figure also comes with different headsculpts including two unmasked heads featuring the likeness of actor Chris Evans who plays Captain America aka Steve Rogers.

You also get the super poseability of the figure that made MEDICOM’s MAFEX action figures and we also have two shields one is the triangular shield he used for the USO shows and the other is the vibranium laced circular shield that even makes it to 2012’s Avengers.

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