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Clownhunter Identity Revealed – Batman # 100 Spoilers

In this Batman # 100 spoilers post, we take a look at the Clownhunter identity revealed!

The whole Clownhunter identity revealed thing was done in one of the epilogue pages from Batman # 100. This segment was written by James Tynion IV and artist Carlo Pagulayan.

In the aftermath of the Joker War, Batman visits the newest vigilante in Gotham City, who was integral in fighting down the Joker’s clown gang who has terrorized Gotham all while Joker stole Bruce Wayne’s fortune and Batman tech.

Turns out that Clownhunter was a teenager named Bao Pham, who lost his parents to a violent Joker attack in the past and wanted to get his revenge for what had happened.

And just all the other anti-hero members of the Batman family, Clownhunter has a kill count, which makes him somebody that makes it to Batman’s list; thus the visit.

And while he’s not directly antagonizing the Batman, we can be sure based on this conversation that isn’t exactly thrilled to be on Batman’s radar given how he sees the Dark Knight as a failure for not saving his families when his parents were killed by the Joker.

Batman does something unexpected too during his brief conversation with Clownhunter aka Bao Pham. He offers a way to redemption and a way to get support.

In other ways, this was also a dick move on Batman’s part because it reads like he already wants to shut him down despite this clearly being a way of therapy for the new vigilante. You didn’t see anybody come down hard on Bruce Wayne when he started his career as Batman years ago right?

Should be interesting.

I remember too back then when it was Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run on Batman when they started introducing Bluebird aka Harper Row. That didn’t go far too. Hopefully, Tynion’s Clownhunter could go far.

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