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Superman Lets the Teen Titans Use the Justice League HQ as Temporary HQ [Super Sons # 12]

Last week’s finale to Super Sons of Tomorrow, which happened in Super Sons # 12, did a lot of good to move the characters along including Superman himself.

After witnessing the disappearance of future Tim Drake aka Savior, the rest of his grown up Teen Titans comrades/ Justice League teammates return to their proper timeline. The Teen Titans then regroup while Superman, Superboy and Robin discuss important matters. When they return to the titans, Superman decides that these teen heroes need their own place to operate…

Superman and Teen Titans discuss their base of operations (Super Sons # 12)

When they rematerialize, they find themselves inside Justice League HQ where Superman offers them the place as a base while they rebuild the damaged Titans Tower.

I gotta love the moment when they decide to take their seats at the appropriate Leaguers they try to emulate or are currently working with. Damian automatically gets Batman’s chair, Starfire takes on Wonder Woman’s, Raven goes for Cyborg’s and Kid Flash sits in The Flash’s chair. Sad though for Jon Kent as he’s not an official member of the Teen Titans.


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