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Falcon vs War Machine in New Batch of Captain America: Civil War Concept Art

In a matter of days we’ll be looking at Marvel Studios’very own superhero fight movie in the form of Captain America: Civil War and this time we’re looking at a few new concept artworks following the hero-vs-hero concept.

captain-america-civil-war-concept-art (1)

There’s a ton of potentially great moments in this movie that’s been teased already in the various trailers that came out already. The big airport fight is one that I’m really anticipating. What I didn’t notice from the trailer though is who fights who. It’s so easy to overlook which hero is fighting which hero from Team Cap.

TBH, I think this War Machine vs Falcon fight is interesting. We also get another idea on what ‘heat’ Sam will be packing when they square off. It looks like he’s got lasers similar to what Tony Stark has attached to his wrist gear.

captain-america-civil-war-concept-art (6)

What I’m seriously looking for however is War Machine’s big metal club which we first saw in the ToyFair presentation of the Hot Toys Civil War wave.

Concept art also shows us Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) joining the fight under #TeamCap (below)

captain-america-civil-war-concept-art (4)

captain-america-civil-war-concept-art (5)

Other stuff for this batch of concept artwork includes a closer look at Black Panther’s suit.

captain-america-civil-war-concept-art (3)

Man this guy is definitely being set up to be the premiere BAD ASS of the MCU while Captain America (Chris Evans) either “dies”or gets imprisoned in The Raft. They even have a nice moment, these two ‘super soldiers’.

cap vs black panther

Finally, here’s the concept art version of Iron Man in his Mark 46 armor.

captain-america-civil-war-concept-art (2)

Captain America: Civil War opens April 27 from Walt Disney Studios and Columbia Pictures Philippines.

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