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Phoenix Resurrection – The Return of Jean Grey # 3 Spoilers

We’re back this week with Phoenix Resurrection – the Return of Jean Grey # 3 spoilers still written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Joe Bennet.

So in this issue, Jean Grey continues to break down and suffer all sorts of stuff including reliving the first moment she became the Phoenix host, back when she saved her teammates and landed a space shuttle by herself.

Obviously the poor girl panics and leaves.

Meanwhile back in the real world, Kitty Pryde and her team investigate one of the places that got their ping.

Then it’s revealed that Jean Grey’s grave has been desecrated. Either somebody exhumed Jean’s body or there’s an outside force that did this to the poor woman’s final resting place.

And two guesses who that someone is. That person’s so deadly and distrustful for Kitty Pryde that she actually brings with her some of the deadliest members of the X-Men including Old Man Logan and Wolverine.

And yeah, the answer to this would be Emma Frost. She had to meet with Emma Frost to find out where Jean Grey is at the moment.

Back in the dreamworld, Jean gets her car fixed by Mr. Patch aka a one-eyed Wolverine.

After injuring Patch then finding out that no-harm no-foul, she returns to her house and then finally encounters the Phoenix.

Kitty Pryde and the rest of the X-Men take Emma Frost’s advice and goes over to the New Mexico.

Finally, some movement. Can’t wait to see whatever happens in issue # 4

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