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Overwatch x Marvel Mashup by Bosslogic

Artist Bosslogic manages to bring two fan favorite franchises and mash them up neatly. Check out his Overwatch x Marvel set of artworks!

First up is Doomfist as Thanos…

doomfist as Thanos

doomfist as Thanos (c) Bosslogic

The dude’s already deadly as is and giving him the infinity gauntlet complete with the six infinity stones will only make him the deadliest being in the galaxy.

There’s also Soldier 76 / Cyclops…

(c) Bosslogic

So it wasn’t just me who noticed how similar Scott Summers and Jack Morrison looked like from certain angles. Bosslogic totally nailed it for this one.

The third art for this Overwatch x Marvel mashup by Bosslogic features a toss up between McCree and Winter Soldier

McCree x Winter Soldier

(c) Bosslogic

I like McCree and I’m a big Bucky Barnes fan. But mixing the two together is odd. I’d say this was the weakest from the bunch of Overwatch x Marvel stuff he did.

Lastly we have a fusion between Russian Overwatch-er Zarya and Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel!

(c) Bosslogic, Marvel, Blizzard Entertainment

This took guts to do and its also something that has some relevancy and certainty. Let’s leave it at that with Captain Marvel. The more important thing is that, damn, Bosslogic definitely captured all the good points between the big gunner from Overwatch and the future big name female lead set to join the Avengers in the MCU.

Again, credits to Bosslogic for these images. Credits also to Marvel and Blizzard Entertainment

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