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WWE # 12 Review

The Shield is back at each other’s throats in WWE # 12 by Dennis Hopeless with Serg Acuña and Tim Lattie.

(c) WWE, BOOM Studios


So we start the story in the epic Battleground PPV with the former members of The Shield (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose) battling it it for the WWE Heavyweight Champion.

With every big spot for each superstar, we get a glimpse of the Shield’s beginnings before each man became the crowd favorite. Reigns remembers the conversation they had the moment they started their run in the WWE.

Ambrose talks about their rise to prominence with getting HHH’s approval and their eventual need to rise to the occassion.

Seth Rollin’s mini plot revolves around his move and his ideas which made the Shield what it was during the heydays. This together with his ego and how he sees himself as the true architect of the greatness the three of them achieved.

The issue ends in the past with a wistful look at the past, and a grim reminder of how deadly Seth Rollins was back when he was WWE Champion.

Dennis Hopeless’ words were awesome here. You kind of feel that these were the Shield’s words and not a writer. Its also interesting to note how they managed to flesh out a “fake history” for the three.

Verdict 5/5

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