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Jean’s Not Alone in Returning to Land of the Living – Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey # 1

This week’s Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey # 1 ends in a rather predictable but still shocking cliffhanger all thanks to the creative team of Matthew Rosenberg and Leinil Francis Yu.

I’ll do a review for this issue today but I want to separate things a bit and talk about the ending.

I guess I just have to remind you guys that this Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey # 1 post contains spoilers, so a spoiler alert is in full effect.

In this issue, while the X-Men split into three different teams and fought off some interesting mutants in different parts of the world, a Phoenix Raptor appeared in the sky.

Then the waitress turns to her co-worker who is apparently a redhead named Jean…

But it seems like this Jean isn’t a mutant nor a host of a fiery space bird entity. She’s just a waitress in a restaurant that serves people including a seemingly alive redhead Irish man going by the name Mr. Cassidy *cough*Banshee *cough*.

When she gets home, Jean feels off and tells her parents that she won’t be joining for dinner…

It turns out that the the dinner guest for that particular evening happens to be someone very familiar, someone who recently died.

Cyclops returns at the end of Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey # 1

That’s right, amidst the hype of Jean Grey, Scott Summers has seemingly been brought back from the dead.

Now the question here is whether this is all just a mental projection of a shocked Jean Grey or there could be more. I mean, for all we know, the way Jean Grey returns is by taking over another body. A body that could belong to someone else who just so happens to conveniently look like the dead founding member of the X-Men. It’s fair game at this point considering how powerful Jean Grey was at her prime. She’s powerful enough to actually go head-to-head against Galactus.

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