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Warner Bros. Pictures Releases DC Film Lineup including Aquaman and Wonder Woman II

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2 Responses

  1. Buddy says:

    Of the list of dropped DCEU future films, why CYBORG? As much as I like SHAZAM, why not just sacrifice that movie and put CYBORG in its place? Makes sense. I would like to think that more ppl would attend a CYBORG movie over a SHAZAM movie? Anyone else think so?

    • Fanboy SEO says:

      I share the same sentiment. My only problem with a Cyborg movie is that he has yet to get a solid villain for him. It can’t just be goons or characters like Grid. The comic ongoing is still exploring that but a movie with a defined timeframe can’t wait for books to develop strong baddies. Still, it sucks they went with Shazam. Poor Ray Fisher.

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