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Avengers: No Surrender # 675 Spoilers – Another Important Avengers Member Dies

Marvel has released a few pages for the first part of the upcoming crossover storyline Avengers: No Surrender and right off the bat, we already seen the death of an important member of the Avengers. Avengers: No Surrender #675 by Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub, Pepe Larraz.

Now before we head out for the actual juicy detail from the 16 page preview, particularly the moment aforementioned Avenger dies, I have to say that this is a major spoiler so…

Again, Avengers: No Surrender # 675 spoilers abound…

In the preview page, we don’t get to see the two main villain teams that the three Avenger teams need to face (Occupy Avengers, Avengers and USAvengers). We do see segments of lives of some of the main player including Lightning, Beast and even the new Wasp Nadia Pym along with Jarvis.

And as the world once again crashes into chaos with the sky turning red and a whole lot more, we find Nadia and Jarvis responding to street-level threats.

While Nadia’s attention was elsewhere, Jarvis saves the life of a kid that was about to be crushed by falling debris. He pushes the kid away and ends up getting piled upon by the debris. Nadia returns and is shocked to see Jarvis’ hand hanging out from the debris.

I didn’t write the script but if Mark Waid and company took time to actually write in the script the color of Jarvis’ hands would be colored lifeless grey then it means he’s dead.

Its still a long way to January but I really want to see if Jarvis really died or if they could still save his life and he comes out of this whole ordeal just critically injured.

Avengers: No Surrender debuts in January with Avengers #675 and is written by Mark Waid, Al Ewing and Jim Zub, with art by Pepe Larraz.

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