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Batman Meets Green Lantern in Deleted Justice League Post-Credit Scene [Possible Spoilers]

You guys now know that there’s a big petition by DC fans to see the Zack Snyder version of Justice League aka the Ultimate Cut. But what some of you guys don’t know was that there was a different and ultimately deleted Justice League post-credit scene that would have blown minds more than what the Whedon cut had and it involved Bruce Wayne and green-based space police.

So before you go light your pitchfork and go ballistic over this post, let me remind you that this post has a HUGE Spoiler alert plastered on it.

Here’s a spoiler alert in-post so you don’t go wasting your time if you don’t like spoilers.

Ready to learn what the Deleted Justice League Post-Credit Scene was?

So according to forums and posts, the deleted scene is set evening at Bruce Wayne’s lakeside mansion.

The story goes that Bruce is woken up by a green light outside the window of his bedroom. He sits up and the camera pans right (or left depending on where you get the story from) and we see two familiar CGI characters all wearing Green Lantern power rings namely…


green lantern tomar re


and Kilowog

This is where the rumor gets tricky. Some say that one of them speaks to Bruce while other rumors suggest that the scene abruptly ends before either the Batman or the Green Lanterns could utter a word.

In my headcanon though, I’d like to think that Tomar-Re says something about either welcoming Bruce Wayne to the Green Lantern Corps or that they are looking for a new Earthling who can wear the Green Lantern’s ring and patrol space sector 2814.

Either way, this deleted Justice League post-credit scene may or may not wind up in the Director’s Cut or Ultimate Cut of Justice League but its fun to imagine this scene. It’s not like they gave us a crappy post-credit scene anyway.

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