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Batman # 35 Spoilers – Why Catwoman Needed Holly Robinson

Batman # 35 spoilers post featuring Catwoman and Talia Al Ghul’s fight and the real reason why Selina Kyle wanted to meet her friend Holly Robinson. It’s the last part of the current Batman story arc “The Rules of Engagement”.

batman # 35

There’s also a variant cover featuring Batman for his 800th issue with art by Tony Daniel…

So anyway, we start the issue already with the fight between Batman’s baby momma Talia al Ghul and his wife-to-be, Catwoman.

There’s a lot of character building between the two, a lot of badassery. It also shows how capable Catwoman is and would not be a “damsel in distress”.

The battle between Catwoman and Talia was evenly matched with Damian’s mother getting the upper hand at one point. But then again, Selina manages to win the fight.

Also making an appearance in this Batman # 35 spoilers post are Damian Wayne and Dick Grayson who go for a few panels discussing their feelings juxtaposed with a wonded Batman watching the fight between his former love interest and his newly-minted fiancee.

Its also revealed that the whole “Catwoman killed 237 people” was actually Holly Robinson’s fault and not Selina Kyle. Selina however took the fall for it, thanks to Holly who also sought Talia’s protection. This which was the reason why back in the start of Tom King’s run on Batman, Selina’s been branded as a monster or a mass murderer.

We also see a nice moment between Robin’s parents where they mutually agree that they like Catwoman.

Batman # 35 spoilers post ends with Batman and Catwoman emerging from the cave with much to the delight of Batman’s son Damian and his “adopted” son Dick Grayson.


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