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RUMOR: Henry Cavill as Hyperion for Loki season 2?

Twitter account @CineStealth posted a rumor that we’re picking up and that’s that Henry Cavill was in talks to play Squadron Supreme leader Hyperion and that he’s set to appear in Loki season 2 which is now in production.

The Twitter account stated that they “have it in good authority” that report that Cavill’s party and Marvel Studios have reportedly met with each other.

But again you have to take this with a grain of salt.

A little bit of information about Hyperion, the current version was part of the Squadron Supreme, Marvel’s very own version of the Justice League and rivals of the Jason Aaron’s current Avengers run. He leads the team under the orders of the US government and Phil Coulson.

But Hyperion really got a lot of good pages during Jonathan Hickman’s run where he gets reintroduced for a new audience. He was pulled from his alternate dimension by AIM and gets rescued by the Avengers. Later he joins Thor and a bunch of Avengers in the Savage Land whether they also play uncle to a bunch of kids in Savage Land until the “death” of the 616 during Secret War.

Secret Wars # 1 by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic

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