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Myrtle Sarrosa is the Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl for 2018

Cosplayer and actress Myrtle Sarrosa was recently unveiled as 2018 Ginebra Calendar Girl and all I can say is good call.

Sarrosa has been cosplaying for a long time now and has slowly left her mark not just in the cosplay community but also in showbiz in general.

The general theme for the 2018 calendar set is fantasy and sci fi and a bit of comic book lore so she fit perfectly. And while the calendar themselves are a bit ho-hum (trust me I’ve seen better on Patreon), she’s still definitely a looker in her “costumes”.

We’ve got the aforementioned angel calendar (the first image up top), we also have Myrtle Sarrosa as a cyberpunk anime-esque chic…

There’s also the boss lady / sexy mafia queen…

And two very comic book-y shots featuring “Zatanna” from Justice League and Justice League Dark…

As well as a “Poison Ivy” ish look.

Again, the output looks weak but the star power and rep is definitely there. Would have been cool if they removed the horrid Angel concept and used a deviation of Sarrosa’s Starfire cosplay.

But then again, what do I know. I’m just the blogger commenting on the end results.

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