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Top 5 Jean Grey Looks from Comics to Movies

Jean Grey is returning to the Marvel Universe this December and she’s already slated to have her own team aka X-Men: Red so now’s as good as anytime to take a look back at the different looks and costume she wore when in life and in death.

5. X-Men: Apocalypse

Sophie Turner wasn’t great acting-wise as young Jean Grey but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t nail the look because she does. There’s just a lot of similarities between the Game of Thrones actress and her comic book counterpart.

4. Age of Apocalypse Jean

Another Apocalypse related Jean look was her appearance in the mid-90s crossover Age of Apocalypse which was set in a world where Charles Xavier died and Magneto started the X-Men in his stead.

Jean in this reality had short hair, got facial markings and had the same moral compass of the regular Jean. She also gravitated towards Scott Summers although had a romantic thing with the one-handed Wolverine of the AoA reality.

3. Phoenix Force Jean Grey

For our third spot, this was Jean Grey from the regular Marvel Universe around the time she returned from the dead, free of the Dark Phoenix influence. This look showed more restraint and mastery of her telekinetic and telepathic powers.

Honorable mention: the dark phoenix costume…

2. New X-Men Jean Grey

I was supposed to put Green Phoenix costume here but then I realized that this look had more gravitas to the character. This costume which she wore throughout Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run has seen a lot of character development. It was in this costume that she displayed her powers when the U-Men attacked the school…

… this was also the costume she wore when she met Dust and convinced her to join the school.

… and the costume she wore when she and Wolverine were killed in the moon after falling for Magneto’s trap.

1. Orange 90s costume Jean

So many reasons why I love this costume for Jean. One its the costume she appeared in X-Men the animated series. It’s also the costume she wore with most of the crossovers and X-ceptional X-Men crossovers like the Onslaught saga or even Operation Zero Tolerance.

There you have it, my top 5 Jean Grey costumes through the years as ranked by me. Don’t forget to pick up Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey this December from Marvel.

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