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Doing my first book review for quite some time now, here’s my TOKYO GEEK’S GUIDE review. It’s written by Gianni Simone and released by Tuttle Publishing!

(c) Tuttle Publishing

I hate this book…. because it fuels my drive to bring my family and myself to Japan, which may never happen because of skyrocketing prices for airfare and accommodation.

Good thing though I’ve got everything I need here in this not-so-pocket-sized book.

For starters, the book reads great. Conversational tone was used in writing it No high-fallutin words but there are a lot of jargons you’ll surely encounter. That’s understandable too because this is a guide book to Tokyo no less.

I loved the fact that this book also took into consideration the various fandoms people can see when they go to Tokyo AND at the same time makes an effort to entice readers to check out places they didn’t even know was there.

Physically, the book is a little on the heavy side. It’s not your typical guide book which you can chuck into your pocket. You may actually need to bring a bag if you want to enjoy your Tokyo trip WHILE reading the book. Pages are glossy and of premium material; just be careful not to smudge the with your grubby hands while eating.

If you’re not into traveling or like me, is still looking for a way to travel not just to Tokyo but other parts of Japan, Tokyo Geek’s Guide is also a great coffee table book. It’s just so full of bits of trivia about the place.

And while its definitely not a novel, I can assure you, the book is a page-turner; enjoyable from start to finish.

Tokyo Geek’s Guide Review- Additional Comments

  • Even useless factoids get centerstage in the book. I like that because it’ll definitey impress friends and family. Hell, I think I could get away with BS-ing my friends into believing I’ve already flown to Japan even when its not true AT ALL.
  • Who knew Tokyo had a lot of good museums to check out. I sure did not and if I ever go to Japan, i would totally devote a whole day just checking those museums out.
  • In a positive way, this book is a great gift for people you know who are flying off to Japan at some point or another. While it may hype up not just Tokyo but Japan in general, its certainly going to make you want to go there ASAP.

Tokyo Geek’s Guide Review -VERDICT


Enjoyable as hell and it definitely fueled my ambition to go to Japan at some point in my life..

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