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Netflix Acquires PSYCHOKINESIS from Train to Busan Director Yeon Sang-Ho

Netflix announces acquisition of three new Korean movies led by the film Psychokinesis which was directed by Train to Busan’s Yeon Sang-Ho.

Joining the Train to Busan’s director’s next film are other original flicks like “Steel Rain” and “The Chase”. The acquisition was done through the partnership between Netflix and Content Panda, a part of the top Korean content distributor, Next Entertainment World.

Rob Roy, Netflix’s vice president for content acquisition states:

We are excited to partner with Next Entertainment World to bring multiple upcoming Korean films including director Yeon Sang-Ho’s Psychokinesis to our global members. Netflix will continue to keep a close eye on great global content, as we are committed to providing the best entertainment to our members around the world.


Psychokinesis focuses on a unique theme of superpowers where a father sets out to save his troubled daughter with superpowers that suddenly appeared out of nowhere one day.

Steel Rain – focuses on the nuclear threats in the two Koreas where a coup in North Korea forces its leader and his elite guard to come to South Korea.

The Chase – is a thriller that features two characters that chase after the suspect of a thirty-year old unsolved case.

Content Panda’s Head of Overseas Sales Jae-Min Kim says:

“Following Pandora, the recent partnership was made possible as both Netflix and NEW agreed on great contents. We plan to get a head start in the global markets by securing more competitive contents in the future.”

Psychokinesis will be available globally on Netflix in 2018. Netflix currently has 109 million global members.

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