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Dark Nights Metal # 3 Major Spoilers

Before we get back into the action of Dark Nights: Metal, we need to take a look at Dark Nights Metal # 3 spoilers.

The book was written by Scott Snyder and art by Greg Capullo from DC Comics.

In this issue, Superman wakes up from a nightmare where Barbatos murders Bruce, Lois, Damian, Jonathan Kent and even Clark Kent himself.

Superman also learns that most of the world (or at least the USA) have been enslaved in one form or another by Barbatos and his evil Hybrid Batmen. Gotham City alone had been taken over by the Batman Who Laughs with the Dark Universe version of Challenger’s Mountain appearing in the middle of the city. See Gotham Resistance

Superman also finds out that Metropolis has been overrun by the Doomsday virus which turned most of the people into mindless Doomsday-esque creatures including Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane.

Superman then tries to take the fight to Barbatos back in Gotham City…

Before he even attacks, he gets suckered into thinking Batman’s back. Only to find the Batman/Doomsday hybrid “Devastator” flying towards him.

Click this link to find out how the fight between Superman and Devastator ended and read the “origin” of Devastator.

Before the evil Batmen actually succeed in killing Superman, The Flash steps in and rescues him with the use of Doctor Fate’s portals.

When the Man of Steel recovers, he finds himself with most of the Justice League (minus Cyborg because he got taken down back in Batman: Murder Machine # 1) inside a pocket dimension called the “Oblivion Bar”.

The combined forces of the Justice League together with Doctor Fate, Kendra Saunders, Steel, Deathstroke, Plastic Man, Green Arrow, Nightwing and Robin work on a plan to stop Barbatos and his evil Batmen while at the same time finding a way to rescue Batman.

Oliver Queen presents one of the Nth metal arrowheads that he brought along from their recent adventure in Gotham City together with the Suicide Squad and the Teen Titans.

The tl;dr of the page below is that they plan on getting more Nth metal and following several “traces” scattered around the world (and beyond). These places include Atlantis, the “center” of the multiverse aka Shazam’s Rock of Eternity and “deep space”.

One of the evil Robins’ that the Batman Who Laughs usually handles makes it’s way to the Oblivion Bar, signalling that it’s time to leave the place before the rest of the Batmen arrive. Also badass Deathstroke moment there.

Before they do however, Superman starts his own mission, to go back to the darkness via the Phantom Zone and try to rescue Bruce Wayne from the clutches of Barbatos. He also announces that he will be needing Steel and The Flash to do so.

The four teams then make their way towards their respective areas. Wonder Woman, Fate and Kendra travel to Bialya where the Rock of Eternity lies. Mr. Terrific, Hal Jordan and the Plastic Man egg make their way to deep space and Deathstroke and Aquaman dive down towards the Mariana Trench.

Superman returns to the Fortress of Solitude together with John Henry and Barry and use his Phantom Zone projector on the Anti-Monitor’s tuning fork which was placed deep beneath the Fortress by Batman.

To be able to go past the Phantom Zone, Superman needs to borrow speed from the Flash and he also needs Steel’s hammer to open the portal that goes past the Phantom Zone.

While Superman breaches the walls to the Dark Universe, the Batmen have made their way to the Oblivion Bar where they kill the Knight and Detective Chimp. They also reveal that music had been a way for them to transcend dimensions hinting that they know what Superman was planning from the very start.

Inside the Dark Multiverse, a bunch of zombified Supermen attack Clark Kent much to his surprise.

We then find out that Batman wasn’t asking Superman to come and rescue him, but rather says DC which he meant as “Don’t Come”. Apparently, they needed Superman for some nefarious scheme.

So the next part of the Dark Nights: Metal saga happens in the story arc “Bats out of Hell” as well as the last remaining one-shot featuring the Batman Who Laughs. We also have a Batman: Lost one-shot and a Hawkman one-shot that all ties neatly into Metal.

Dark Nights Metal # 3 is still out in stores today!

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