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Evil Supergirl aka Overgirl seen on Supergirl Set

Check out a couple of new photos from the set of Supergirl featuring one of the season’s baddies, Overgirl aka Nazi Supergirl.

In the comics, there’s an alternate universe where the Nazis won the war thanks to the help of their Superman called Overman.

overman by jim lee

And wherever we have a Kal El, there would definitely be a Kara Zor El nearby. Only in this case, she was never from Krypton. Rather she was a human girl that was given bits of Overman’s power. Later in their story, she was regarded as Overman’s “cousin”. She died when she fell to the Bleed. Her body was later recovered by Overman himself.

Meet Overgirl…

The concept’s been flailing around the last few years and even appeared in a few issues of Final Crisis and even Grant Morrison’s Multiversity.

And now she’s going to appear in Supergirl…

CW will surely have a field day with this season’s epic crossover. And good call in using Earth 10.

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