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Pickle Rick Funko Pops Coming Soon!

Rick and Morty changed the game again recently with the introduction of Pickle Rick; it pretty much broke the Internet and now we’re getting not one but two Pickle Rick Funko Pop! Vinyl figures!

So in a recent episode Rick Sanchez decides that he’d rather be a pickle than attend family therapy with his daughter, grandson Rick and granddaughter Summer. Which is why he science’d the shit out of his shit and turned into a sentient pickle with Rick’s face and attitude.

Funko is in on the fun and they are releasing two versions of their Pickle Rick Funko Pops figures. The first one has the electric blades that he used to fight the rats in his sewer adventures…

The second version of the Pickle Rick Funko Pop figure that will be hitting stores soon is the one that features the now-classic laser.

Here’s the absolutest best news! None of these two figures of Pickle Rick is a chase or an exclusive. Meaning it won’t be overpriced in local stores and online nor will it be hard to find. I’m going to take a guess and say that this would REALLY sell like hotcakes when they reach local stores in Greenhills and malls.

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