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Voltes V Legacy at Toycon 2022

Here are a number of photos from the upcoming Voltes V Legacy at Toycon 2022 with most of the cast and the series’ director Mark A. Reyes. Photos taken by Alec Egido

Check out more photos below…

Also yes, they are missing the lead star Miguel Tanfelix who was busy shooting during the Toycon 2022 appearance.

The series stars:

Miguel TanFelix as Steve Armstrong
Radson Flores as Mark Gordon
Matt Lozano as Big Bert Armstrong
Ysabel Ortega as Jamie Robinson
Raphael Landicho as Little John Armstrong
Martin Del Rosario as Prince Zardoz
Liezel Lopez as Zandra
Carla Abellana as Mary Ann Armstrong
Epy Quizon as Zuhl
Gabby Eigenmann as Commander Robinson
Neil Ryan Sese as Commander Hook

… and more

According to the series’ director, Mark A Reyes, they will be releasing the series next year, 2023 because they were trying to make sure that each episode will be up to Toei and Sunrise’s standards. It really feels like they don’t want to make the same mistake that they did with the Shaider adaptation, Zaido, years ago.

Voltes V: Legacy Trailer(s) (yes trailers because its been a long time since they released the first one)

And just for the lulz, here’s the opening for the original Voltes V anime series…


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