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First Look at Evil Batman-Aquaman Hybrid The Drowned # 1 Cover

Jason Fabok recently shared a look at the cover for the Dark Nights: Metal one-shot The Drowned featuring the evil Batman-Aquaman hybrid.

The Drowned looks cool to be honest. She doesnt depart from Aquaman sensibilities but she can definitely

Dark nights metal the drowned.

And here’s the uncolored version of The Drowned.


I was actually expecting a guy who would be the evil Batman- Aquaman hybrid. Turning her into a woman makes for an interesting issue, not to mention adding the number of female characters in this evil Batman / Justice League hybrid.

No details on the story but we do know that this is going to be an interesting set of one-shots under the Dark Nights series. The Drowned joins other evil Batman from DC Comics including The Red Death, The Murder Machine, The Dawnbreaker and The Man who Laughs. It also seems like both heroes and villains in Gotham City will be banding together to fight these mysterious evil Batmen from the Dark Universe in a story called “Gotham Resistance”.

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