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How the Illuminati Got the Infinity Gauntlet and Gems – New Avengers Illuminati # 2

Marvel did a wonderful miniseries featuring the Illuminati in New Avengers Illuminati with Brian Michael Bendis writing and art by Jimmy Cheung.One of the topics they tackled in this five issue series was the use of the infinity gauntlet and making sure nobody blindly stumbles on an Infinity gem.

Mind you this all happened before a lot of events like Secret Wars and Time Runs Out. Hate on Bendis all you want but he can do a solid story IF he actually wants it.

In this issue, we find out that Reed Richards has gotten hold of the Power gem/ power stone as well as the Infinity Gauntlet…

Reed Richards reveals the Infinity Gauntlet to the Illuminati

According to Reed, he managed to find the two other Infinity Stones after She-Hulk surrendered the Power Gem to him after an encounter with the villainess Titania. At this point in the story, Reed had already tried using the stones to find other Infinity stones but it had become increasingly difficult to obtain the gems. Which leads us back to the secret meeting with the Illuminati members.

new avengers illuminati # 2

Reed Richards shows the Illuminati the location of the other infinity gems


Reed finds out that the only way to obtain the other Infinity stones would be by simultaneously getting the gems. It not only makes it simpler, it also becomes easier. The crew is divided into two. Professor X, Doctor Strange and Namor go back to the X-Mansion to pick up the mind gem. Meanwhile Black Bolt, Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic head back to the Baxter Building to get the reality gem.

Xavier’s team reaches the location of the mind gem and its the sea of universal consciousness.

new avengers illuminati

Xavier, Namor and Doctor Strange look for the mind gem

Reed and his team manages to build a machine that can bring them over to the location of the reality gem with Black Bolt acting as the source of energy needed to open the portal.


new avengers illuminati black bolt

Back with Xavier and his party, after realizing that the mind gem IS the entire universe’s consciousness, they get attacked by this gigantic sea monster.

Namor versus the monster of the mind gem

Namor ends the fight in a page and they succeed in getting their target. Back with Reed Richards and his party, they lose Iron Man.

Iron Man crumbles after touching the reality gem

After a tense page or so, Reed’s party also succeeds in getting their quarry. The team reassembles in their usual meeting place and decide what happens now that they are the owners of the infinity gems and they also have the Infinity Gauntlet.

The Watcher also drops by to see what the Illuminati plans to do with these powerful artifacts.

So while Uatu the Watcher is displeased with Reed Richards’ plan and does not want to take the gauntlet for himself, Reed also knows that no one person can wield all the stones and not remaining incorruptible, he decides to split the gems to the six of them.

New Avengers Illuminati # 2 ends with a pensive and doubtful Charles Xavier looking at his colleagues with a sea of mistrust. Of course, we know that these guys having the Infinity gems left huge ramifications to the Marvel universe. Some of it were HUGE gamechangers for the universe while others left a mark on several people. New Avengers Illuminati particularly this issue IS a testament to how good Brian Michael Bendis can be when he’s at his game.

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