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Batman: Three Jokers # 2 Spoilers

Time to visit the ongoing Batman Three Jokers miniseries from DC Comics via this Batman: Three Jokers # 2 spoilers post!

Check out the regular cover below

We’ve already seen the first few pages from that Batman: Three Jokers # 2 preview pages I posted a few days ago. If you haven’t seen that, you can check that out HERE.

Well apparently, that was the family of one of the two surviving Jokers that are giving Batman a run for this money.

And while this guy is the Joker, its also revealed that he has the memories of his past life intact.

Meanwhile, Batman is investigating another murder in another part of Gotham City, a retired judge who was killed by his own guard dogs. Batman shares his initial findings to the GCPD including Commissioner Gordon when Batgirl drops by (after witnessing Red Hood murdering their captive Joker from issue 1).

Batgirl wants Batman to take Jason Todd in for murder but Bruce Wayne doesn’t want to do that. Instead he tells Barbara Gordon that he’ll talk to Jason; after failing to see him become more like Barbara and become more violent.

In another part of town, Jason continues his hunt for the remaining Jokers and he finds the lead he needs after shaking down another Joker henchman.


Batman and Batgirl go to Blackgate Penitentiary where Batman follows a lead from the dead judge. Apparently, he was bludgeoned to death by his award which also has a very familiar fingerprint.

Batman got the fingerprint of one Joe Chill in the murder weapon. So he has to make sure that Chill is back in his cell and is nowhere near the crime scene. Batgirl also informs him that Chill has stage four cancer and has only weeks to live.

With visual proof that Chill is still in prison, Batman then follows the lead from the Batcomputer regarding Jason Todd.

Meanwhile, Jason has dropped by his target, an abandoned Health Club, which was all over the perp he shook down earlier in the story. Interestingly enough, Jason also brought a crowbar along which is kind of ironic.

What he sees is a pool full of bodies, all swimming in Joker chemical, which answers the question of what the Jokers were doing with the stolen chemicals from issue # 1.

Jason’s guard was down and that was all the Joker’s needed to grab him.

Inside another room, the two remaining Jokers f*ck up Jason’s mind and making him realize a number of things. And that all culminates with another clobbering with the crowbar from The Comedian joker who was apparently the one who also killed him years ago during the “Death in the Family” storyline.

Batman and Batgirl arrive in the scene and face off against dozens of potential Jokers. They almost get the better of them except they made the mistake of activating the Batmobile outside causing it to crash inside the building.

The pair then finds Todd, mangled and badly beaten, his head already messed up once again by the Joker(s).

The anti-hero finally admits that he hates Batman the most for what the Dark Knight did to him and what he did not do when he died years ago.

They bring Jason back to Barbara’s place to recover and when he does wake up, he sees various mementos and things that remind Babs of her time when she was Oracle after being paralyzed from the waist down by the Joker during “The Killing Joke”. The two share notes on their pain and it climaxes with the two sharing a kiss.

This is cut short when Barbara realizes this was wrong and then we head towards the ending of this issue with Batman in the Bat-cave analyzing the data he has collected juxtaposed with the scene in Blackgate prison where its chaos and death.

Book two of “The Three Jokers” ends with the two remaining Jokers breaking into Blackgate Penitentiary and kidnapping the elderly Joe Chill. Then at gunpoint, they start recording a video with the Joker asking Chill “why he really killed Thomas and Martha Wayne”.

It’s also a chilling homage to that cover to “The Killing Joke” with Joker and a camera shortly after shooting Barbara Gordon that fateful night.

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