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Dark Nights: Metal # 1 Spoilers – The Justice League Goes Power Rangers

Presenting the fist in a salvo of Dark Nights: Metal # 1 spoilers, that moment when the Justice League decided to borrow a page off super sentai and Power Rangers lore.

Dark Nights: Metal # 1 was written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo.

In this issue, we find the Justice League thrust into a gladiatorial arena in a new War World with the despot Mongul watching with glee.

The league can’t use their abilities because they’ve all been outfitted with special armor that dampens their powers…

We also find out that the individual who made the armor for the Justice League and the creator of all their enemies in the arena are one and the same, Hiro Okamura aka Toyman. The page above also shows us the next terror that the League has to face again designed by Toyman.

The team tries several tactics including letting the mechs attack their armor but its no use as they were programmed to avoid the armor and concentrate on the flesh part of their opponents.

Batman follows his hunch and discovers something hidden in the mechs.

And just like something from an old school animated series like Voltron, Batman discovers that there is a cockpit waiting for him inside the belly of the beast, so to speak. He informs the other members of the Justice League to follow his lead…

Inside the mechs, the team discuss what happens next and Wonder Woman directly references a Beatles song, which also happens to be the same song used in the trailer for the live-action Justice League movie.

What’s cooler though is what happens outside…

I wanna call this the Justice Mech for kicks. It didn’t have an official designation so my head canon is that the League calls it the Justice Mech and Toyman goes “I like the sound of that”.

Will definitely pickup Dark Nights: Metal # 1 later in the day!


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  1. August 22, 2017

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