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The Origin of Dex-Starr

One of the best characters that have been created in this decade and the past decade from DC Comics; we give you the origin of Dex-Starr.

I posted the origins of various characters in the previous iteration of thefanboyseo.com but that’s gone the way of the dinosaurs. So anyway, we’re bringing it back and we’re doing something fairly easy and cute (in a rage-y kind of way), we’re doing the origin of Dex-Starr.

Like any kitty, Dex-Starr started out like a cute blue kitty who got adopted by a kindly lady.

Dexter and his owner had a great time and even though times were tough, they still pushed through.

That’s until his owner was killed in an unfortunate home invasion.

And rather than stick around by his owner’s side, Dexter gets kicked out of the crime scene by the police. He also finds himself in the company of bad people who puts him in a sack.

Before getting thrown of the bridge and dying, the Atrocitus’ Red Lantern ring reaches Dexter and transform him into a Red Lantern.

Poor kitty. 🙁

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