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Jean Grey becomes the Phoenix once more post-Krakoa

Another proof that the Krakoa Era is dead and gone is the fact that Jean Grey is going off on her own and going to space in a new solo book.

Jean will not only embrace the Phoenix force which she has abandoned ever since she returned from her last death back in New X-Men as seen in The Resurrection of the Phoenix limited series. This also kind of spoils what will happen to Jean in the Fall of the House of X and Rise of the Powers of X.

Check out the cover for Fall of the House of X # 4 as done by Felipe Massafera

We can see Jean in her new costume that mixes elements from her original Phoenix costume, her 90s costume and her most recent costume from the most recent X-Men volume by Gerry Duggan. We can also see Eternity behind her and also Eternity’s human form dancing with Jean at the bottom of the cover.

Currently though, Jean is stuck in the White Hot Room dying after getting stabbed by Sinister clone Mother Righteous.

But Jean lives once more and will probably be the key in saving the mutants and taking out ORCHIS once and for all.

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